Our Fourth Day in Kauai

This has been a relatively quiet day for us. We left about 11:30 and drove west along the northern coast of the island. We had a nice lunch (like most of our meals, we ate on a porch or balcony) and did some grandchildren shopping. Kauai, while not very large, has been used for so many movies that there are books about all of the movies made here (The book we bought lists over 45, not including documentaries). Many were made along the spectacular northern coast where large mountains come right down to the shore, and where you can stand in one place and see beautiful white beaches and 1,000 foot waterfalls.

For those who know their movies, some of the more famous movies made here, especially along the north coast and wilderness areas, include Donovan's Reef, Jurassic Park, Pagan Love Song, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Thorn Birds and best known to us old folks, South Pacific.

The two beach shots below were used in several of these and other movies.
Bali HI
This is the beach where Mitzi Gaynor sang
"I'm going to wash that man right out
of my hair" in the movie South Pacific.

Another beach where we "parked" today.
Even though it's Sunday, the beaches are not
at all crowded. There is a pretty large contingent
of scuba divers and snorklers.

This is a "dry cave" adjacent to the road
along the north coast. It is very wide, about 12' - 15' high, and must flood during hurricanes
as it's very close to sea level. This photo
was taken from the back of the cave, facing
the opening and the road.

Here's today's sneaker shot. I'll try to do
better in the future. There was an outdoor
wedding at the hotel today, but I couldn't
figure out a way to get it and my sneaker in
the same photo.