Our Sixth Day in Kauai

This will be our last "live from the scene" report on our Hawaian vacation. This was official "beach day" for us, and our car never left the hotel parking lot. We walked the beach in front of the hotel, and then climbed down a cliff to a secluded beach called Hideaways on the north-facing shore, behind the hotel. There were two or three other families on this beach, and several snorklers (they and surfers are seen everywhere), but we felt pretty much as though we had the beach to ourselves.

Our spot on the beach had woods behind us, except "woods" in Hawaii are more like tropical jungles. We had a constant serenade from some exotic sounding bird, and Linda finally found him or her in a tree behind us.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon on lounge chairs by the pool, but facing Hanalei Bay. What a life.

Tomorrow evening we head back to reality.

"Our" end of Hideaways Beach.

Soaking up the sun on Hideaways Beach.

We were serenaded by this White-Rumped
Shama in the trees right behind us on
the beach.

This is hard to beat.

Beckoning Hammocks.

Sandals at rest.