Jacob and Linda's Vacation
August 22 - September 5, 2002

A Trip South

We're Back! - Some photos are available here. Double-click on the first image and then use the "Next" arrow button to page through the larger images.
Rough Itinerary - The following itinerary is very flexible in that we have no prior reservations and start with a day of slack. We will have a laptop computer with us and hope to check email almost daily to keep in touch. Donna Kling is taking care of Roddie. We will call Nick and Jill occasionally by phone to see if there are any problems with the house.
Thu 8/22 On road to Charleston. Night in ??.
Fri 8/23 Continue on road to and arrive at Charleston. Night in Charleston.
Sat 8/24 See the sites in Charleston. Night in Charleston.
Sun 8/25 See Charleston, Drive to Savannah, See Savannah. Night in Savannah.
Mon 8/26 See Savannah. Night in Savannah
Tue 8/27 On road to Atmore. Night in ??.
Wed 8/28 Continue on road to and arrive at Atmore and visit Atmore. Night in Atmore
Thu 8/29 On road to Mobile (1hr) and visit Mobile. Night in Mobile
Fri 8/30 On road to Atlanta. See Atlanta. Night in Atlanta.
Sat 8/31 See Atlanta. Night in Atlanta
Sun 9/1 On road to Ashville. See Ashville/Biltmore. Night in Ashville.
Mon 9/2 See Biltmore. Night in Ashville.
Tue 9/3 On road to Home. Night in ??.
Wed 9/4 Continue on road to Home. Night in ??.
Thur 9/5 Latest possible arrival at home.

Preliminary Trip Map