Jacob and Linda's Vacation
July 05-18, 2000

Falling Water - July 6, 2000

We drove from Donegal PA down to Falling Water early Thursday morning for our 8:30 extended tour of Falling Water. Afterward the tour, we walked the trails, had lunch, bought some souvenirs and looked at the museuem.
We liked Falling Water so much that we decided to buy it. Here's Grammy to show you our new digs...
Here it is!
Grammy loves this view
From upstream
What a view from one of Grammy's balconies
Our new living room
We grow candied mushrooms
Granddaddy at lunch
Grammy closes up so we can move on
Tonight we're staying in a hotel across the street from the hospital in which Kenny was born. We're off to the Frick Museum and Mansion tomorrow, and then on to the Merriwether's in Ann Arbor!